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An educational institution is a place where intellect is produced. It can be equated with a factory where, the raw materials are brought from outside and the craftsmen apply their efforts and skills on them to grind ,to carve, to chisel, to polish, over a period of time to produce a refined product worth marketing and effective utilisation. Same happens in the schools. A small child, with an innocent and inquisitive mind, enters the premises of the temple of learning and is adopted by team of teachers, physical instructors, artists and the administrators who stimulate the thought processes, satisfy inquisitiveness, enable the understanding capacity to learn the various aspects of the different subjects at different levels, finally to convert the raw personality of the child into a mature, sensible, sensitive, stable and responsible individuals who contribute to the society constructively.

We, at APS Nagrota, take the responsibility to teach the learning minds in an enabling environment developed over the past few decades, for the students to transform them into socially useful individuals.

The school provides an enabling environment rich in academics, and co curricular activities created by a very committed team of teachers supported by strong management. The products of the school are spread over a spectrum of professions like Armed forces and Civil services like Medicine, Technology, and others where they have proved themselves in their careers and lives. We take pride in being associated with this school and look forward to scaling further heights in our endeavours, fully realising that the sky is the only limit.

May god bless our students.


Tender Notice for Outsourcing of Group D staff

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